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  1. Hi Chloe.

    Firstly, I’m Lucas from Victoria. Now, I hope this doesn’t completely spin you out, but I was having a little fiddle around on Instagram today and came across your profile. It appears we both applied and were interviewed for a position as tour managers in Europe for 2013. And it looks like you were offered a position on a training trip! Congratulations. I too was offered a place.

    I hope you don’t mind be making contact with you. I was actually only talking to a friend recently, saying how good it would be if I knew someone else in the same position as me, just to bounce ideas off etc.

    I must say, the assignment has been massive, but extremely interesting at the same time. I’m about 90% of the way through, I just have a couple more small things to add, then it’ll just be a matter of tidying the whole thing up and getting it as polished as possible before submitting it. Other than that, I’ve sent all my forms off, paid my bond, booked my flight…it’s so exciting!

    A couple of questions: are you on ETT1 (March 18) or ETT2? Do you plan to spend a bit of time in Paris prior to the training trip to learn the Paris City Tour? Are you going on the pre-ETT Contiki Tour?

    If you would like to stay in touch, my email is:

    I hope to hear back from you soon, Chloe.


  2. Hi Lucas,

    Oh wow this is fantastic! It does not ‘spin me out’ at all. I am so glad you were able to find me somewhere in cyber space because as you said it will be awesome to find someone else on the training trip.

    Wow I can’t believe you are 90% through the assignment, I am nowhere near that. To answer your question I am on ETT1 leaving in March.

    I’ll send you an email later this morning with answers to the rest of your questions.

    Chat very soon.



  3. Hi Chloe,

    My name is Alanna. I came across your website as I am following in your footsteps and training to become a Tour Manager with Contiki starting this March. I have to say whilst working on the novel of an assignment it has been inspiring to read your own experiences and given me something to look forward to!!

    Just wondering if you have any tips for the training trip (I am nervous as it sounds very intense) or the assignment.. any resources that really helped you?

    Also, I was going to suggest maybe a post on perhaps a suggested packing list? Or even things you wish you had bought with you or wish you hadn’t? Condensing my life into one 20kg suitcase seems impossible!

    Thanks, hope to hear from you,



    1. Well said Alana! It might be a girl thing but I’m struggling to wrap my head around the packing thing too. Looking forward to your tips Chloe 🙂


  4. I really love reading your blog posts, AMAZING! I just applied with the US Contiki and am curious how long it took to get the answer YES? I was told I would be told in a few weeks and wanted to know if this seemed normal. Thanks in advance and great luck on the road!


    1. Hi Ray,

      Congratulations on getting this far. To answer your question: Yes it is normal, I waited 3 weeks for my reply and thought I hadn’t got the job, then when I was least expecting it I got the email offering me training.

      All the best and let me know how it goes.


      1. Again your blog has been so much help, I got offered to US training position and start in 20 days and counting…time for no sleep, constant preparation, and anxiety but so worth it!! If anybody else from the US got offered a position, feel free to contact me at cheers 🙂


  5. Hi there

    Thanks for your blogs, been very useful. I am on the first training trip this and just had my assignment through so starting it all tomorrow EEK!

    I wondered what people wore on training, I have seen the packing list but for some reason this is the thing thats bothering me at the moment!


  6. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for your helpful posts. I am another new recruit for this year and it’s great to read some stuff from the horses mouth.

    Cheers again, and perhaps I’ll see you on the road. If not, have a great summer.



  7. Hi Chloe,
    My name is Eleanna and I’m from Greece! I just wanted to tell you that the last few months your words here became an inspiration for me as i was completely lost. My 22d year in university I realised how difficult is to make decisions for our future.
    Next year I’ll go on Erasmus in Montpellier and after that comes my graduation from the Department of Translation and Interpreting in Corfu and my next step is to follow the steps of becoming a tour guide. I’m fond of travelling and your blog also gave me courage to follow my dreams.
    I’d be really glad if you could give me some tips about what it needs to do to become a tour guide and also a tour manager and I think it could be an awesome idea for some post on your blog for us “tour guide/manager dreamers”.

    Keep writing the best you can! Hope to hear from you as soon as possible!


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