The Final Countdown-Contiki Training Part Six

It has been nearly a year since Contiki training started and the feeling of finishing that trip is possibly the greatest achievement in my short 23 years on this beautiful planet.

The final stages of the Contiki Training Trip were possibly the most difficult. Following the ‘Zombie Stage’ comes the stage where everything becomes a bit of a blur. Eastern Europe felt so rushed, we travelled through more than one country a day and as soon as we finished studying one we were hurtled into another.

The cities began to look the same and the routine of each day became like that of ‘Ground Hog Day’ just with a different background.

Highlighters marked each completed day and the closer we got to the end the more it began to dawn on me and others that we were going to do this, that we were going to successfully complete training and be signing a contract with Contiki, the World’s number one tour company for 18-35 year olds.

It is the most testing thing I have ever done and one that makes me proud every day. I pushed through with my colleagues and we finished together. Sixty six long days; we were grumpy, tired, emotional and occasionally snapped at each other but all worked endlessly to get through.

So many of my readers are going on this journey themselves. Jumping into the relatively unknown and attempting to land the job that I consider to be the best in the world (I know this may sound clichรฉ but it is true).

To all of you who are on this years training trip or to anybody who is considering it in the future; work hard. Nothing is ever easy and you will be testing to your physical and mental limits. You may find that there will be days that you want to quit and throw in the towel, where getting out of bed seems impossible but really it is not.

Training is designed to test you and just remember that you have already put in some of the hard yards; you have gone through the interviewing process, been accepted and hopefully poured your heart and soul into the assignment.

Contiki saw something in you, a little sparkle and they are giving you a shot, a big opportunity. Show them what you have got and more importantly prove to yourself what you can do.

Give it your all; head down and bottom up, don’t think that you know it all because you most certainly do not. Do what you are told, get the work done and most importantly remember to enjoy yourself.

Training allows you to see some of the most incredible places in all of Europe so wake up each day with a fresh outlook, smile, laugh and stay off of the caffeine tablets!

I won’t say good luck because luck has nothing to do with it, work hard and hopefully I will see you on the road.

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  1. Chloe! I’m literally in the final two days of my assignment… the last section… and took a break to check my emails, your post, newly in my inbox. It has made my heart sing! Thank you for all your posts. You’ve unknowingly been a Contiki Training Spirit Guide of sorts for me! For someone who’s about to start training at the end of March they’ve been a comforting constant to know people have actually gotten through the other side – Here’s hoping all the hard work will pay off and I’ll run into on the European circuit! Thanks again – Gemma x


    1. Hi Gemma!

      I am so glad that you have enjoyed the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them and sharing my story with all my readers.

      All the very best for the training and it sounds like you have the assignment under control!

      See you on the road, ciao for now!


  2. Hey Gemma and Chloe,

    You took the words right out of my mouth Gemma!

    Thank you so much for your little insights and motivational words Chloe.

    Gemma, we have a FB page if you would like to join and “meet” a few of us your more than welcome. Add me ๐Ÿ™‚ Bianca Mearing

    Otherwise, see you soon and good luck on this final push, I’m with you 100%!!

    Cheers ladies!


  3. Thanks so much for all your posts Chloe! I have been following them since I found out I got accepted into training. I’ll be starting ETT1 real soon, and it has been amazing reading through your journey, and in turn inspiring mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    See you on the road someday soon!



  4. I just got to Paris for a week of learning the city tour and got the email saying that you posted! Yes thanks for all the tips & insight not just for this years ETT but im sure years to come! One last quick question: with learning the tour codes will they ask on training for example on a UE for the Greek/ Egypt nights and those tour codes? As well as all the internal EL & with camping tours would they ask for what half of a CA is called? So many questions sorry just want to know what to learn lol.


    1. Hey Nadine,

      They will specify which they want to you deliver, be it Egypt or Greek Islands. We weren’t asked to recite the internal tour codes but rather the whole thing.

      Make sure you have those tour codes down pat, it will save you a lot of time! We used silly little stories to remember the sequences which worked well.

      Glad you all enjoyed the post!


  5. Hey Chloe. It’s been a LONG time since my ETT – I trained on ETT2 in 2007 and ran ETT1 in 2010 – but your posts take me right back there. All I can say is that being a TM is simultaneously the greatest and toughest experience of your life. I would pack it all up now and do it over if I had a chance!!!!!

    Work hard everyone who is going on training, and remember that your trainers want the absolute best for you, and that is why they are so hard on you. It will all make sense, and one day, when having a kir at the Cafe de Paris, you will thank them.

    Take snapshot memories of your good times, and think of them on bad days. Also remember that your clients are having the best experience of their lives, whether or not they tell you that.

    Most of all enjoy it. Don’t take it for granted that you see the Pantheon twice a month or moan about Venice being hot in summer. Explore the cities, especially the far flung ones like Budapest and Dubrovnik. Appreciate it every day, no matter how exhausted you may be.

    You have stirred up so many memories and I thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best!
    Kerith Hulme


    1. Hi Kerith,

      It is so lovely to hear from you and how the blog has stirred up all your memories. It certainly is the best job in the world and I have made it my mission in the past couple of seasons to take complete advantage of the beautiful places we are fortunate to see.

      It was lovely hearing from you.

      Ciao for now



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