Date Whoever You Want

The latest blog craze seems to be telling men around the globe that they should date a girl who travels, or in some cases a girl who doesn’t travel. Well I say; date whoever you want!

While both of these articles prove a point there are some things that make me wonder:

Firstly, what man is ever going to read a blog about the girl he should date and actually take that advice on board? I do not know many men who spend their time reading blogs for advice on who they should date. When they see someone they like they go for it without wondering if the girl they are attracted to travels or not.

You do not seem to find blog posts written by men telling women who they should date. I have no doubt most women would read it because the mind of a man is like a maze; it may be simple to navigate but we are still going to ask for directions. The reason why you don’t find these sorts of posts is because men don’t care and don’t need to justify themselves, they are also probably too busy with thier man activities; of which I know nothing being female.

Secondly, lets be honest here, the only people you see sharing these articles are females. Society is always telling us what to do; what to wear and how to do things. It is time for us to realise that we do not need to conform to how society and the media want us to be. Be happy with who you are and do what you want to do for a change. Why are women writing these sorts of blogs? We don’t need to be putting each other down in a sense by creating more standards and pressure that we then feel we have to achieve.

People who travel do see things differently and perhaps we may be seen to have depth and a longing urge to move; to see new things and experience different cultures but this does not make us more eligible to find a man and date than someone who doesn’t travel and may possess the same attributes.

Finally, you don’t need to be worried about whether you travel or not and if this will find you the man of your dreams.

For those women who do travel and make travelling their life, myself included; chances are we aren’t ready to settle down with Mr Right but when we do find him we make it work because every relationship is a journey.

On the opposite end of the spectrum for those women who don’t travel this will not hinder your chances of finding Mr Right because really he doesn’t care all that much if you have travelled or not. He is probably more interested in whether you make each other happy and really at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Some people seek their adventures across the world with only a suitcase and their inner gypsy spontaneously directing them from place to place. Others seek their adventures at home with the person they love and neither should be categorised as right or wrong.

Relationships are a journey, an adventure and just because you don’t travel doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to one because relationships are going to happen whether you are an intrepid explorer or not. So date whoever you want.

4 thoughts on “Date Whoever You Want

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  1. Another good read, Chloe! Have seen the blog posts you’re talking about and couldn’t agree more.. When you read between the lines of “Don’t date a girl who travels” it actually seems to be more a girl bragging about what a free-spirited hippie she is, I don’t think she genuinely believes that men should not date girls like her.


  2. so well written Chloe .
    Indeed every relationship is a journey ( did you coin that) and perhaps the most important of all


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