The Calm Before the Storm

Relaxation and family time is just what I have needed here in the English Riviera.

I arrived in Torquay on Tuesday and haven’t really felt like I have left home at all, I have a home away from home here with my grandparents, cousin and aunt.

In my time here I haven’t done very many typical tourist outings. I don’t need to really, my family’s home is right on the seaside so when I walk outside I can see the sea and all the way to the way to France, on a clear day (which I haven’t had).

The first thing that struck me about England was the cold, next it was the friendliness of people. Aussies are friendly but the English are even more so. Everywhere I have been I have been greeted and had people take a keen interest in what I have to say, or maybe it is just because I have a funny accent.

Spending time with my family has been the best bit by far, now I am packing my bags and ready to make my way to Paris where it really begins.

I get to meet a few of the people who I will be training with and with so many incredible places to see and learn about, I know that I will be non-stop in Paris.

After that it is back to London for a few days before a pre-training weekend in a secret location then the craziness of training begins. To be honest I don’t feel very ready but perhaps it is because I am not entirely sure what to expect.

I will be sure to keep you as updated as possible with the very limited web access, so for now I will say that no news is good news.

Wish me luck!



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