Travel Writing versus Travel Waffling.

With so many travellers writing about their trips with tricks and advice, who do you really listen to?

Let me begin by saying that I am most certainly not the most experienced travel writer. If anything I am far from it and having only just begun writing about my tales I am learning about what it takes to be a good travel writer and get noticed.

Having said that, I know that what you write, in any situation, is aimed at your audience, so your writing should be directed to this all important fact. I just wonder when I see travel waffle what they are really going on about?

What does make a truly great travel writer?
Whatever it is, I want it.

One blogger in particular took me by surprise when they posted a brand new feature video. I thought it would be amazing and I was utterly disappointed when all I saw was someone in front of a camera for two minutes blowing kisses, winking and adjusting the camera with a little giggle while an up-beat tune played in the background. I asked myself, what on earth does this have to do with travel?

Like minded travel writers may think the same. Your blog is your space to share your travel adventures and to perhaps to give some much needed advice to your followers. Plus it is an amazing way to keep those you love in the loop about what you are up to on your adventures. There are some incredible travel writers out there and I am beginning to read what they have to say and realising what makes them so entertaining.

So many tales to tell.
So many tales to tell.

Although my tales thus far are about some of the crazy times I had in Europe and may focus on the little things in life that I find important, I assure you that I will continue to tell my tales and give you my advice as a novice travel writer. I will not subject you all to two minute videos of myself in my lounge with a tune in the background.

You may see a ‘selfie’ (self-taken shot) on occasion and if any video will be posted it will be one of me in an exciting place with adventure all around me.

This is my promise to you, my loyal followers.

La Petite Globetrotter, over and out.

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