Cruising Corfu Island.

A boating lesson for 10 minutes and then the 6 of us were let loose on a boat around Corfu Island.

The Greeks most certainly know how to live and life on Corfu Island is no different. Umbrellas and deck chairs with crisp and burnt tourists scatter the beaches. The more daring tourist can be seen zipping through the water on a jetski and then there are those that wander through the old town of Corfu, ensuring not to arrive ready to shop during siesta, when all the shops close in the afternoon so everyone can have a nap (tough life).

One way to see Corfu is to hire a boat, which is exactly what we did. The boat could hold six people and it wasn’t difficult finding ladies to join us. The initial cost to hire the boat for six hours was 150 Euro, which when you split it five ways works out to 25 Euro each, not bad for a day out.

Cruising around Corfu
Cruising around Corfu

We had booked the boat for the following day and we were told that we needed to arrive a little bit earlier for a ‘boating lesson’. The morning arrived and we did as we were told. Alexander our lovely tanned Greek greeted us and we jumped into the boat.

Our ‘boating lesson’ consisted of “Ok so you know, don’t get it stuck in the sand, this is how you raise and lower the engine and this is how you go forwards and backwards. Make sure you anchor if you jump off the boat. Ok you good? Good, you go now.” I looked at my friend and thought “well how hard could it really be?” no boat licence needed, we all jumped on with our snacks and bikinis in tow and we were off.

We were told about a shallow bay where the water came up to knee height and headed there first. I had to give Alexander my mobile number in case of an emergency and as soon had we arrived at the shallow bay I had several missed calls from Alexander, but we were far too busy swimming to be concerned with such details.

The Shallow Bay
The Shallow Bay

The wind began coming in and it made our stop at a local beach a little more difficult than I had expected, nonetheless we did what ladies do on a beach; tanned. Seeing the missed calls from Alexander I called him back. He said “Hello, you be careful the storm is coming and you don’t get my boat stuck in the sand, also they are waiting for you at the ‘taverna’ for lunch. Goodbye.”

With that we collected our tanning goodies and made our way back to the boat, we eventually found the ‘taverna’ we were told about and made our way to the dock. As we were arriving a Greek God of a waiter stepped out and helped us tie the boat to the dock.

Boats at the dock
Boats at the dock

Sitting right on the water we all took a moment to realise that we were cruising around the Greek Islands. We ordered typical Greek dishes, a mixture of freshly caught squid, calamari and fish, accompanied by a refreshing Greek salad. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Corfu.

Fresh Calamari & Greek Salad
Fresh Calamari & Greek Salad

After the journey back we were once again greeted by Alexander and we made the final payments. When you hire a boat you need to pay for the fuel you use as well as the use of the boat. After six hours cruising around the island we used 50 Euros of petrol which we once again split between the six of us.

The whole day cost us all roughly 50 Euro each, including our meals, it was a wonderful and relatively inexpensive way of seeing this relaxed and breathtaking island, a boating lesson is even included for those of you who, like me, have never captained a boat before.

So I say to you, happy cruising!

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