Paris like a Parisian

There aren’t very many places that can beat Paris in the summertime, and with an abundance of parks and beautiful walking paths all over this romantic city it is difficult to surpass for any travel lover.

Whenever I go to Paris my mind is full of Parisian accordion tunes and I even sing La Vie en Rose, one French song I do know by heart, I find it always gets me into the Parisian frame of mind.

Sunset in Paris
Sunset in Paris

Every time I see the beautiful and elegant Eiffel Tower my heart skips a beat and I pinch myself in the realisation that I am in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

My most recent trip to Paris in June of 2012 gave me a fresh view of this diverse city and it is one I will never forget. The best way to see Paris, I feel, is on foot. That’s right, break out your most comfy walking shoes cause this city was made for walking and you will do yourself a terrible injustice if you don’t get lost in the small alleyways and grand avenues.

Wander the city and keep your map tucked in your bag, go without a definite destination. On a free day in Paris, a bunch of us ladies wandered from Notre Dame to Montmartre. On the way we found a Parisian food market in the Latin Quarter. Feeling slightly peckish, as it was approaching lunch time, we decided it would be a good idea to buy ourselves a fresh baguette and fill it with only the finest French produce; fromage (cheese), saucisson (French salami), and stuffed green olives filled our bags. No French meal is complete unless you have a lovely bottle of wine to help wash it down, so we grabbed a chilled Chardonnay from the local grocery store to accompany our spontaneous picnic.

With my knowledge of the French language I made light work of ordering our delicious ingredients and next we were off to find a grassy and shady spot to enjoy our meal. We stumbled upon the Luxembourg Gardens and found a very deserted lovely looking grassy area that I assumed was perfect to have our picnic. Eventually others began sitting, I even made small chat with the locals asking if anyone had a bottle opener for our Chardonnay, alas none of them did.

Picnic in Paris
Picnic in Paris

Suddenly our perfect summer picnic was rudely interrupted by some man in blue blowing on a whistle. On further inspection we realised it was in fact a police officer telling us that “You cannot sit on the grass!”. The droves of people enjoying the summer sun who had sat on the grass, prompted by us foreigners, reluctantly packed their things and moved along, and so too did we with a little giggle.

Arriving in Montmartre later that afternoon we decided to sit on the side of the hill, beneath the trees and crack open the Chardonnay. We sat with the most exquisite panoramic view of Paris and toasted our glasses to a perfect day in Paris.

The view from Montmartre
The view from Montmartre

A trip anywhere is what you make of it, that day in Paris is one I will never forget, not because I had to push past people to see the Mona Lisa, which is completely worthwhile, but because I had great company and enjoyed the simple things that life has to offer.

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  1. That day was one of the most memorable in a trip full of amazing moments. Goes to show that it’s the little things that truly matter.


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