Brisbane, on a shoestring

Holidaying on a Tight Budget in Brissie


Welcome to Brisbane, or ‘BrisVegas’ as it is more commonly referred to. If you know your way around this thriving and ever growing city you soon learn to discover where to find a bargain and how to stretch your budget further than you ever thought you could. All you need to know is what is available and where to look.


What a spread

We all need to eat, and let’s face it, when you are eating out, whether it be by yourself or with friends, food can begin to get pricey. The solution: eat out on a Tuesday night. For some reason there are a whole bunch of things that are cheaper to buy on a Tuesday, one of these things is pizza. On a Tuesday most of the big pizza franchises like Dominos, Eagle Boys and Pizza Hut make and sell pizzas for at least half the regular price, and who doesn’t love a slice of hot pizza?

Another tip when it comes to buying food in the supermarkets is to go shopping a little later in the afternoon. Supermarkets often have specials and reductions later in the afternoon and these specials are usually placed on the essentials, bread and milk. The last food tip will only help you if you can stomach the hunger pains. If you can manage to survive your hunger pains and buy lunch later in the afternoon you will find that sushi rolls and sandwiches will be cheaper than what they were at lunch time.


Why not catch a movie or head off to the theatre?

Entertainment is yet another expense that can leave your pockets feeling empty. Movie tickets these days can cost you an arm and a leg. If you aren’t fussed by all of the extras go and see a movie on a Monday or Tuesday at any Event cinemas. Mondays are student days and you can see any standard movie for $8. Tuesdays will cost you $9.50 for a movie. Alternatively you could make your way to Southbank Cinemas where the most you will pay for a standard movie, as a student is $6.50.

Pubs and clubs

Preparing for the weekend

Of course on your holiday you will want to go out, have a couple of drinks and let your hair back, provided you are over the age of 18. The Regatta has a’ Frat Club’ Wednesday where cheap drinks are the main attraction, that and the hundreds of other students there partying the night away.

The Valley is the place to go if you want to club hop. All the clubs are located on or near the main strip and if you have had too much to drink, the walk to public transport isn’t far and taxis are always available. Many clubs charge a cover charge, to avoid the cover charge, go early. Most clubs including The Family only start charging after 10:30pm, so if you get in before you could save yourself $20. The Mustang Bar also advertise cheaper drinks before 10pm. Pubs will also have cheaper drinks than clubs, so hit the pub first and save a few dollars.


Get on the road

Fuel used to be known to be cheaper on a Tuesday, however things have changed. Cheap fuel is now available on Wednesday afternoons until Thursday mornings. To get even cheaper fuel grab an Everyday Reward card or a Flyby card. These link to your shopping and provide fuel discounts of up to 12cents off a litre.

Public transport as a student also helps stretch your dollar. A concession ‘GO card’ can be purchased at Newsagents and will cost you less for travel on trains, buses, ferries and city cats.


Shop up a storm

Clothing stores in Brisbane always seem to have a reason for a sale. Take advantage of this. The biggest sales are at the end of the financial year and Boxing Day. Prices on clothes and accessories are cut by at least half, and if you can handle the hordes of people and grab what you want from the rack without being squashed it is well worth it.

Having a student card can be a powerful thing, it entitles you to all types of discounts and rightly so. Cheap drinks, food and clothes are a necessity. When you are on holiday you don’t want to be spending a fortune and you don’t have to as long as you know where to look and how to bargain hunt. There are ways and means of still having a good holiday without breaking the bank. So, happy bargain hunting!

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